History:Age 28. 2 yrs with long periods of severe perineal pain, phases with low flow,urge and dysuria. Remissions only during medication with peroral cortisone forconcomitant asthma. Never UTI. Drach-class:Prostatodynia. TRUS: Hyperechoic area (inflammatoryactivity) surrounded by hypoechoic halo (edema) anteriorly in peripheral zone ofright lobe. Extreme tenderness confined to this spot. Therapy: Focal TURP -> asymptomatic at 1y control. Histology:prostatitis with mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leucocytes. History:Age 32. Periodically urge, dysuria and discomfort in perineum and groins (3½yrs). Symptom-free at the time of this exam. Drach-class: Prostatodynia. TRUS:Well delimited sector-shapedhyperechoic area, not tender.Therapy: At exacerbation, satisfactory effect withantiinflammatory drugs, warm sitz-baths. On one occasion, remission achievedafter a series of prostatic massage.
1) symptomatic2) asymptomatic